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July 2018

First Blog – Mistress Rhianne’s Path to Dominance

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When I reflect on my recent past, and even in my younger years, I have always been an independent and assertive woman. A woman who thrives off being in control in every situation. It’s not something that’s been triggered by an event in my life, my dominance has always been within. Everything has to be done my way!

This time a year ago, I can’t remember even knowing what the word ‘Dominatrix’ meant. My answer would be probably of been ‘A latex clad woman with a whip?’ if someone had asked, how naive! This month marks a year since I was slowly exposed to the world of Femdom and Domination. Being in one career sector throughout my working life, last year I decided it wasn’t for me anymore. I thought about starting my own business and had clear and concise ideas. Something significant then happened in my life, I was single and had rent to pay alone.

I decided to start webcamming in my spare time. It gave me a buzz to earn money from something I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I would log on most nights after working all day because I enjoyed it that much. My love for teasing men grew and grew, and my regular submissives and slaves would explore their fetishes with me on a regular basis. I slowly built a professional connection with them all.

2018 sparked an urge inside me and I decided to quit my full-time job in February and do webcamming on a full-time basis. I continued seducing and manipulating male minds to my will, but I wanted more, I wanted to be a ‘Mistress’ for real.

I took the move to Dominatrix / Mistress seriously and wanted to do it professionally and safely. So I approached one of the UK’s top Dominatrix’s who I’d closely followed and admired (and still do). Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to assist me with her being so successful and busy herself. She gave me some great advice on what to do which I am grateful for. I was serious and prepared to invest my time into becoming a Mistress.

From February onwards I started to conduct some real-time sessions in hotels, this was after one of my loyal submissives offered his servitude to me. I began exploring milder forms of domination such as Strap On, Worship, Spanking. The surge of power took over me having weak, naked men in front of me to do whatever I pleased with. Every time he addressed me as ‘Mistress’ I felt alive and I finally knew that BDSM was my home.

In April I got in touch with a local Dungeon owner, to see if I could use her premises for my sessions. I’ve been relishing in it ever since and have been conducting sessions there. Some of my favourites are Strap On, Sensory Deprivation, Spanking, CBT, and the fabulous Tie and Tease!

I very much look forward to developing myself and growing as a Dominatrix, I want to be Elite. Learning and continuously dominating men on all levels, energetically, physically, and intellectually.

Watch this space!

Manchester Mistress Rhianne