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September 2018

Strap On | Pegging

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Chances are you’ve already heard of it, but if you haven’t, pegging is a sexual practice where a woman performs anal sex on a man – by using a Strap On. It is one of my favourite activities, I really enjoy the Dominance I feel when stepping into my Strap-On harness with my sub looking at me, awaiting penetration.

Sometimes Pegging elicits responses of shock and judgement, but it is simply about pleasure. Some people assume that if a straight man enjoys being penetrated, it makes him gay or unmanly, which is utter rubbish. The male G-Spot is found at the Prostate Gland, which stimulates an intense orgasm when penetrated, so why let homophobia and gender roles get in the way of mind-blowing orgasms?

Pegging is a way to submit to me the most intimately. I find it an erotic experience visually and physically. Some subs like to be feminised when taking Strap On, this allows them to really get into role reversal. Sissification is not necessary for a Strap On session, though.

You might wonder how I would manage to fit one of my thick looking cocks into your tiny virgin bottom! Strap On is achieved by stretching the anus, this is done by using fingers and butt plugs and lots of lube! If you’ve already explored with your own fingers and toys you may be ready to take one of my more advanced Strap-Ons as shown in the photo above.

Preparation is always important for Strap On sessions, and its best to Douche beforehand!

Manchester Mistress Rhianne