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January 2019

Booking a session with Me

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Please make sure you read my website before enquiring about a session with Me. This blog covers the basics but my Website has the answer to most questions.


I am based in Whitefield, North Manchester. I session from a prestegious chambers which consists of various dungeon and domestic rooms and also a Medical and Sissy room.

The Dungeon is easily accessible by Car (Junction 17 off the M60), or by Tram. Nearest tram stop is 5 minutes walk away.

The building is discreet, and also has private parking.


I am available Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am – 4pm.

I session ONE Saturday per month. The date of my Saturday sessions are announced on Twitter.

How to contact Me and book a session

If you know exactly what type of session you want and when you’d like to visit me, I prefer you call up and book your session, otherwise fill out my contact form for me to read over first.

Questions that can’t be answered from the information on my website are welcome, but I require a deposit to discuss the session plan in detail. This can be paid via bank transfer, or an Amazon gift card.

Do NOT try to book a session via text message. It is paramount that I speak with you on the phone prior to accepting you for a session.

Session day

On the day of the session you will need to confirm your appointment via text message or by calling me, by 9.30am. I will then send you the post code. It is important that you let me know if you are still attending or not, so I can inform the Dungeon and also plan my work day.

When you arrive for your session you will be greeted with a smile, I will offer you a glass of water or hot drink before the session starts.

Discretion is carried out at all times, you won’t bump into another client when in the Dungeon.

I prefer the tribute to be handed to be in an envelope. You should hand this to me when we enter our Dungeon room.

The Session

Visit my sessions page to see exactly what I offer in my sessions. My sessions are not rushed, and I don’t clock watch. You are welcome to shower after the session, and we can have a chat about your experience should you want to.

Webcam / Phone Sessions

I use Adultwork to webcam and phone chat from.

I do not use Skype.

Sensation Play and Sensory Deprivation

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Playing with the senses gives Me much enjoyment. Pairing sensory deprivation with sensation play is a great entry point into the world of kink. Manipulating the senses allows you to gently dip your toes into the BDSM waters instead of diving head first into the deep end of the pool!

What are they? Sensory Deprivation is removing one or more of the senses so that the other senses become more magnified and focused. Using a blindfold will make you focus a lot more on your hearing, touch and smell.

Sensation Play is most effective when it involves opposing types of touch, for instance, rough followed by soft, fast and slow, hot and cold, firm and gentle. This type of thoughtfully applied stimulation gets our endorphins and adrenaline flowing.  

The hands are the most versatile sensation play tool, massaging or tickling with lightly stroking fingers. Light slaps and pinches are also an option for those that enjoy low-level erotic pain.

With those who are into this type of play, and of course those who have consented, I absolutely adore starting off a session that involves this Kink, by blindfolding you at the door. You’ll be on edge as to when I take your blindfold off and let you see Me.

What am I wearing? Where am I taking you? You can smell my perfume and you are listening for any movement and the hairs on your skin are raised ready for the slightest brush of a touch.

I tell you to grab hold of my hips as I guide you upstairs to the Dungeon room. What do you feel, my Rubbery Smooth Latex, or my Soft Satin Lingerie? Perhaps I’m wearing Leather. Your sense of touch and hearing are increased and your body is a mixture of nervousness and excitement. 

You can hear my voice and classical music, but now, its time for the earplugs and headphones. You are going to lose your sense of sound. My voice is becoming muffled as I’m placing on your headphones and taking away your second sense.

You’re now focusing on your sense of smell, and only when you smell my perfume you know I am close. I am standing over you just a few millimeters away. I squeeze your nipples and your body shudders.

My fingers wander to your inner thighs and I’ve only just got started on sensually teasing you…

Manchester Mistress Rhianne