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June 2019

The Art of a Ruined Orgasm

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Ruined Orgasms are a particularly fun and satisfying way to engage in Tease and Denial and Orgasm Control. A Ruined Orgasm is where all stimulation is stopped just as ejaculation begins. This, of course, means no stroking or touching the penis. While edging involves stopping stimulation just before ejaculation, a ruined orgasm pushes it just that little bit further, not stopping until seconds before release. The result is that the orgasm will just dribble out. Much less intense and satisfying than a full orgasm, but very entertaining and pleasing for Me to watch and deliver. Timing is crucial when delivering a Ruined Orgasm, I will take you to the point of no return.

It can be a powerful tool for controlling a submissive, keeping him obedient and focused on his subservience. They can also be included in a variety of Femdom games or be combined with a sensual session of edging, not knowing when or if you are allowed a full orgasm, or whether I will ruin you a few times during a session.

After a ruined orgasm has been given, many men will remain hard and do not suffer the post orgasm ‘slump’ that occurs with a full orgasm. The slump I am referring to is when all interest and energy is lost after a full orgasm, instead, the feeling of arousal remains. This is because his brain does not release any of the hormones associated with the post-orgasmic afterglow. He will not experience the muscle contractions as a full orgasm would create, meaning he will feel incredibly frustrated.

There can be many ways to ‘Ruin’ an orgasm. Restricting the flow of cum, adding physical pain, or distraction methods. It can be followed by an Intense Milking or Post Orgasm Torture. Ruining doesn’t have to be painful though, but it will be frustrating.

Ruined Orgasms are a LOT of fun, as you will find out from my sardonic smile when I deliver one.

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

Smoking Hot Manchester Mistress

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We all know smoking isn’t great for you, and the more unacceptable it has become the more it resonates with being a ‘bad girl’, connecting itself with Femdom. I myself do not smoke daily, in fact, some weeks I don’t smoke at all. I guess I am a ‘Femdom Smoker’, with the occasional indulgence socially.

Smoking can be seen as erotic and fetishistic, blowing smoke into a sub’s face can be intimate, having them look into my eyes as they take something from me inside of them, exchanging my breath. Smoking is a hypnotising and intensely erotic act, one that which I thoroughly enjoy performing.

The attention to the lips and hands are also a part of smoking fetish. The sheer air of elegance you see whilst watching my red lips stain the end of the sucked tips of the cigarette. You may choose to have my hands bare so you can admire my nails or see them gloved, smoking from a cigarette holder, just like Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Perhaps you want to be my Human Ashtray, kneeling before me awaiting each flick into your willing mouth. Maybe you want to inhale my smoke through a gas mask as part of breath play, or include some roleplay too. Whatever your desire, come and fulfill it with me, and I trust you will remember it for a long time to come.

Smoking Fetish and Human Ashtray can be incorporated into sessions or be the sole focus of a session. If you are interested in serving Me for a luxurious smoking session, or whether you want to be my Human Ashtray, check out my Contact page for details of how to book a session with Me at my chambers in Manchester, North West.

No ridiculous requests, such as – Rolling you up in a cigarette, and smoking you. (Yes, I have been requested this before).

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

Manchester Kidnap Mistress

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Fantasy Kidnap & Abduction has been something I’ve always wanted to try, so I was hugely excited when an existing submissive was ready to live out his ultimate fantasy. It was thoroughly enjoyed and I am now officially offering Kidnap sessions in and around Manchester with a fellow Mistress.

Kidnap sessions can be tailored to your desires and fantasies, a minimum of two hours is required for booking a Kidnap with the option of being brought back to the dungeon for interrogation or whatever roleplay you desire, and longer drawn out kidnaps are possible with an overnight stay in cell.

Your reason for being kidnapped can be decided by you, planning your own fate, or you can leave that in the hands of me to decide. The planning of a Kidnap is key so serious enquiries only, I will also be dedicating a page on my website for Kidnap which will be coming soon.

Manchester Mistress Rhianne