Manchester Kidnap Mistress

Fantasy Kidnap & Abduction has been something I’ve always wanted to try, so I was hugely excited when an existing submissive was ready to live out his ultimate fantasy. It was thoroughly enjoyed and I am now officially offering Kidnap sessions in and around Manchester with a fellow Mistress.

Kidnap sessions can be tailored to your desires and fantasies, a minimum of two hours is required for booking a Kidnap with the option of being brought back to the dungeon for interrogation or whatever roleplay you desire, and longer drawn out kidnaps are possible with an overnight stay in cell.

Your reason for being kidnapped can be decided by you, planning your own fate, or you can leave that in the hands of me to decide. The planning of a Kidnap is key so serious enquiries only, I will also be dedicating a page on my website for Kidnap which will be coming soon.

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

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