The Three Stages of Communication with your Mistress

Whether you identify as a Slave, Submissive, Fetishist, Masochist, Sissy or a Novice, the way you communicate your session requirements to Me is what allows me to create the perfect session for us to mutually enjoy. Applying for a session and saying ‘I just want to be dominated’, is not enough information, and is a bit like walking into a patisserie and saying ‘I like cake’.

Communication In Each Stage

Pre Session Communication – The first part of the pre-session communication is where I will decide whether or not I am going to accept the session request, based on how you have conducted yourself. I will not reply to effortless text messages, emails or phone calls. The application form on my website is the best way to inquire, I have made it so it answers everything I need to know in order to plan your session perfectly. You can simply list your interests/fetishes in which you wish to partake in, or you can give a brief description of how you’d like the session to go. If you have any roleplay ideas for example. It’s your chance to give me key information, perhaps you like to remain silent during the session, or maybe you’d like me to put you into situations with few words on my part. This is how you can communicate your own internal dialogue to me.

If I have accepted your request to session and we have arranged a date, you should follow my instructions for confirming the session, and when you arrive to have your tribute ready in an envelope. Before the session starts we can finalise what we have discussed and if all is well and communication has been clear, there will be clear chemistry and we can begin.

In Session Communication – If your pre-session communication has been clear, the session will flow well. Of course, there will be spontaneous moments unless agreed otherwise. Allow yourself to relax, and let your boundaries be pushed consensually. Enjoy it.

Post Session Communication – After the session has come to an end, I always offer an informal chat about your experience, but you may be so full of adrenalin and emotions that you may wish to wind down before you leave. I always welcome any thanks or thoughts via email if you prefer.

Your input to your own session is crucial unless you thrive off the spontaneity.

Methods of Communication

So now you understand the three stages of communication, you’ll need to know about the methods for the Pre Communication stage, and what I tolerate.


Email is my preferred way of arranging a session, direct to or using my contact form. I expect the 3rd or 4th email from you to be confirming that you have paid your deposit.

Phone Call

If you are calling by phone I’d expect you to know a date and time in mind that you wish to session. I don’t spend more than a couple of minutes on enquiry calls if you try to make the call longer you will be referred back to my website to send an email, this applies if you ask me what I offer, which is clearly stated on my website.

Text Message

I only allow regular clients to arrange a session via text message. If I haven’t seen you before, you will be asked to email or call.

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