Manchester Mistress Rhianne

Young, Sensual, Sophisticated and Alluring.

A Natural Beauty and Seductress.


Height – 5’7

Bust Size – 34D natural

Dress Size – 10

Shoe Size – 5

Eye Colour – Green

Hair Colour – Red

Star Sign – Gemini

Past my seductive glasses, pretty green eyes and sardonic smile, lies a sensual, natural and sophisticated Dominatrix. Seducing weak men into submission is my speciality. I will have you under my thumb in seconds, intoxicating your mind and captivating your attention forever.

I am creative and fierce. Intelligent and compelling. Empathetic. Often tender. I dominate with a smile. I don’t need to shout to be dominant, communicating through facial expressions, eye contact and body language, is enough to compel you to obey. I appreciate the closeness of skin, the fuckery of senses, scent, breath, texture and sound. I know exactly how to get into your mind and find out what makes you tick. I have a brilliant memory, I know how to make people feel regarded. I am a Gemini, so I have a split personality. I genuinely enjoy the pain afflicting, cruel and sadistic side, and the soft, sensual side of Domination both equally.

All of my sessions are mutually advantageous. I offer you a safe, sane, consensual and peaceful domain to free yourself from insidious judgements. In return. I simply ask for your honesty and openness. A realistic explanation of your limits. Limits that are understood and always respected. We can experiment with those limits. Push your boundaries. With my encouragement, you will finally be able to embrace your true self and indulge in your kinks.