Sensation Play and Sensory Deprivation

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Playing with the senses gives Me much enjoyment. Pairing sensory deprivation with sensation play is a great entry point into the world of kink. Manipulating the senses allows you to gently dip your toes into the BDSM waters instead of diving head first into the deep end of the pool!

What are they? Sensory Deprivation is removing one or more of the senses so that the other senses become more magnified and focused. Using a blindfold will make you focus a lot more on your hearing, touch and smell.

Sensation Play is most effective when it involves opposing types of touch, for instance, rough followed by soft, fast and slow, hot and cold, firm and gentle. This type of thoughtfully applied stimulation gets our endorphins and adrenaline flowing.  

The hands are the most versatile sensation play tool, massaging or tickling with lightly stroking fingers. Light slaps and pinches are also an option for those that enjoy low-level erotic pain.

With those who are into this type of play, and of course those who have consented, I absolutely adore starting off a session that involves this Kink, by blindfolding you at the door. You’ll be on edge as to when I take your blindfold off and let you see Me.

What am I wearing? Where am I taking you? You can smell my perfume and you are listening for any movement and the hairs on your skin are raised ready for the slightest brush of a touch.

I tell you to grab hold of my hips as I guide you upstairs to the Dungeon room. What do you feel, my Rubbery Smooth Latex, or my Soft Satin Lingerie? Perhaps I’m wearing Leather. Your sense of touch and hearing are increased and your body is a mixture of nervousness and excitement. 

You can hear my voice and classical music, but now, its time for the earplugs and headphones. You are going to lose your sense of sound. My voice is becoming muffled as I’m placing on your headphones and taking away your second sense.

You’re now focusing on your sense of smell, and only when you smell my perfume you know I am close. I am standing over you just a few millimeters away. I squeeze your nipples and your body shudders.

My fingers wander to your inner thighs and I’ve only just got started on sensually teasing you…

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

Cuckolding Mistress Manchester

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Let’s talk about Cuckolding!

What is it?

Cuckolding is where the male has a wife or girlfriend but she is not sexually exclusive with him, she retains the sexual power in the relationship. The female will have sex with other men with underlying consent. In some cases, the male may appear to be initially reluctant about these activities, or his natural submissiveness to his female partner may allow him to willingly observe or hear about these activities in a passive or voyeuristic way while feeling aroused at the same time.

Become my Cuckold Husband

Your new reality awaits as my slave & cuckold husband. You will accept, watch, even assist with my desire for a younger, more endowed virile lover. You will be grateful to him for being able to do the job that you will never be able to fulfil. He is a proper man who knows how to satisfy me.

I know how to twist you around my little finger and make you say yes to anything. So you will grovel before your new master’s feet. Show him how grateful you are to him for being able to fulfil my sexual needs. I could make you kneel facing the wall, holding a glass of water ready for us, perhaps I’d make you lay underneath the bed, or restrain you to a chair. You’re going to watch me get fucked to high heaven by a hot man with a huge cock, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We’ll both ignore your presence whilst we fuck like animals. I let him flip me over like a rag doll. Sliding in and out of me whilst I’m soaking wet, moaning, screaming, groaning. You watch us kiss passionately, pleasure each other orally, hands all over each other. You watch my lovers big pulsating dick fill me with cum.

The most intimate experience I offer.

I am officially offering Cuckold Sessions. It is preferred that you have already served me once before to be accepted for this although I will consider new slaves should you follow my Etiquette and fill in the contact form provided. I won’t be discussing Cuckold enquiries via phone, I will require you to apply via email, and then this will be followed by a phone chat.

Whether it be an overnight cuckold experience, whether you want to wine and dine me and my lover whilst you sit alone or wait outside before we head back to fuck. It’s all possible.

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

Strap On | Pegging

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Chances are you’ve already heard of it, but if you haven’t, pegging is a sexual practice where a woman performs anal sex on a man – by using a Strap On. It is one of my favourite activities, I really enjoy the Dominance I feel when stepping into my Strap-On harness with my sub looking at me, awaiting penetration.

Sometimes Pegging elicits responses of shock and judgement, but it is simply about pleasure. Some people assume that if a straight man enjoys being penetrated, it makes him gay or unmanly, which is utter rubbish. The male G-Spot is found at the Prostate Gland, which stimulates an intense orgasm when penetrated, so why let homophobia and gender roles get in the way of mind-blowing orgasms?

Pegging is a way to submit to me the most intimately. I find it an erotic experience visually and physically. Some subs like to be feminised when taking Strap On, this allows them to really get into role reversal. Sissification is not necessary for a Strap On session, though.

You might wonder how I would manage to fit one of my thick looking cocks into your tiny virgin bottom! Strap On is achieved by stretching the anus, this is done by using fingers and butt plugs and lots of lube! If you’ve already explored with your own fingers and toys you may be ready to take one of my more advanced Strap-Ons as shown in the photo above.

Preparation is always important for Strap On sessions, and its best to Douche beforehand!

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

Sissification & Feminisation

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Ever felt the urge to explore your feminine side? Silky pants rubbing against you? Sitting pretty in front of the dressing table, softly brushing your wig? Perhaps your mind has wandered into being made to worship in Mistress’s Strap-On.

Sissification or Feminisation is a sensual session. It involves the switching of gender role of a male submissive. The Sissification process ultimately involves Cross Dressing. Some just like wearing lingerie and heels, but others may want to go all the way. This may include wearing makeup, wigs, shaving or waxing, manicures and pedicures.

My Sissies are always expected to behave in a feminine manner. This involves good posture, being trained to walk properly in heels and being able to sit nicely. Although my sissies are expected to behave like a good girl, some of them have a very naughty and slutty side to them. Strap-On and Anal training are good to put these dirty girls in their place. If they misbehave they may be punished with some spanking!

For the sluts who have excelled in their Sissification, they may be made to do more humiliating things for Mistress. They may be made to swallow real cum, or even be used by another man! These boys allow themselves to be feminised because they know that it is their proper place in the world, and the only way that they could ever make me happy.

Of course, the Sissification process does not have to end there. Mistress has many ways of pushing you to even further extremes depending on your devotion as my slut…

So what are you waiting for, come and explore your fantasy with me!

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

Manchester Mistress Rhianne

First Blog – Mistress Rhianne’s Path to Dominance

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When I reflect on my recent past, and even in my younger years, I have always been an independent and assertive woman. A woman who thrives off being in control in every situation. It’s not something that’s been triggered by an event in my life, my dominance has always been within. Everything has to be done my way!

This time a year ago, I can’t remember even knowing what the word ‘Dominatrix’ meant. My answer would be probably of been ‘A latex clad woman with a whip?’ if someone had asked, how naive! This month marks a year since I was slowly exposed to the world of Femdom and Domination. Being in one career sector throughout my working life, last year I decided it wasn’t for me anymore. I thought about starting my own business and had clear and concise ideas. Something significant then happened in my life, I was single and had rent to pay alone.

I decided to start webcamming in my spare time. It gave me a buzz to earn money from something I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I would log on most nights after working all day because I enjoyed it that much. My love for teasing men grew and grew, and my regular submissives and slaves would explore their fetishes with me on a regular basis. I slowly built a professional connection with them all.

2018 sparked an urge inside me and I decided to quit my full-time job in February and do webcamming on a full-time basis. I continued seducing and manipulating male minds to my will, but I wanted more, I wanted to be a ‘Mistress’ for real.

I took the move to Dominatrix / Mistress seriously and wanted to do it professionally and safely. So I approached one of the UK’s top Dominatrix’s who I’d closely followed and admired (and still do). Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to assist me with her being so successful and busy herself. She gave me some great advice on what to do which I am grateful for. I was serious and prepared to invest my time into becoming a Mistress.

From February onwards I started to conduct some real-time sessions in hotels, this was after one of my loyal submissives offered his servitude to me. I began exploring milder forms of domination such as Strap On, Worship, Spanking. The surge of power took over me having weak, naked men in front of me to do whatever I pleased with. Every time he addressed me as ‘Mistress’ I felt alive and I finally knew that BDSM was my home.

In April I got in touch with a local Dungeon owner, to see if I could use her premises for my sessions. I’ve been relishing in it ever since and have been conducting sessions there. Some of my favourites are Strap On, Sensory Deprivation, Spanking, CBT, and the fabulous Tie and Tease!

I very much look forward to developing myself and growing as a Dominatrix, I want to be Elite. Learning and continuously dominating men on all levels, energetically, physically, and intellectually.

Watch this space!

Manchester Mistress Rhianne